Welcome to Life Is a Book. My mission and passion is to help women and men of all ages and backgrounds to write their life story. I believe that creating a memoir, autobiography, or personal or family history should be fun, enriching, and accessible to all.

We all have a story to tell. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, or where you live and where your life has taken you. No matter how dramatic or how “ordinary” your life has been, someone is waiting to hear you tell your story: who you are, how you’ve lived, what you’ve learned, who you’ve loved and who has loved you. They want to hear about your achievements, the challenges you have met, your hopes and dreams.

Do you want to capture your memories as a gift for your children, grandchildren, or others? Do you want to pay tribute to the people who have meant the most to you? Do you seek to explore your past for personal discovery? Are you finally listening to those who have urged you to do this for years? Perhaps your goal is to focus on one major life experience: overcoming a disease, a serious accident, a major loss, or a traumatic childhood or experience. Maybe you built a successful business, served in a war, or had a great adventure. Or you want someone to write the life story of a loved one.

I welcome the opportunity to assist you. I’ve devoted 20 years to ghostwriting memoirs, autobiographies and inspirational books. The services that I offer, and the information on this website, will steer you toward creating a treasured keepsake. I present more tools, tips, and strategies in my guidebook YOUR LIFE IS A BOOK – AND IT’S TIME TO WRITE IT!

As your autobiography ghostwriter or personal historian, I will interview you to bring out your story, then write your memoir or autobiography in your voice. If you seek to write your life story yourself, I offer book coaching to escort you from the starting gate to the finish line. Unlike some ghostwriting services where you will be assigned a ghostwriter you don’t even know, at Life Is a Book you can be assured that I am the professional writer working closely with you from day one.

I love my work because telling our life stories is one of the greatest gifts that we can offer to others, and to the world. It’s always gratifying to see women and men from all over the country, and beyond, experience the satisfaction of bringing their cherished memories to life in their own memoir or autobiography. I want to help YOU gain that same satisfaction and joy.

So again, welcome to Life Is a Book.