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The OGs Inspire Life Story Writers to Honor Our Grandparents

When I help people tell their life stories through my service Memoirs for Life, I often learn that they wish to find some way to honor their grandparents. They understand that whether still living or long ago passed, our grandparents hold special memories in our lives. So I’m always on the lookout for new approaches to salute our grandparents in books that tell our life story. Recently I came across an inspiring example that I’d like to share.

Kim and Chinta Cooper decided to honor “Cutie” and “PopPop,” their 90-something grandparents. So they got a video camera and began recording interviews with Barbara and Harry Cooper (aka Cutie and PopPop). They liked what emerged so much they decided to share it with others, and with today’s technology we all know how easy that can be. So they launched a website: Cutie and PopPop began posting blogs to share their wisdom and experience as the OGs, which stands for Original Grandparents, and of course a Facebook page came along with the package. People everywhere were delighting in what the OGs had to say, and soon this simple couple who had been married 73 years was being featured by the Los Angeles Times and even The Today Show. How about that for giving your grandparents something special while showing others just how special they are!

Do your grandparents have simple witticims and mannerisms that you’d like to preserve? Do you think there’s something about them that would make others smile, or perhaps remember what makes or made their own grandparents special? Then it’s your turn.

Maybe you don’t need a website or a blog. But if you have an opportunity to interview your grandparents if they are alive, don’t wait. Preserve their life stories. If you need help, consider hiring a ghostwriter or personal historian like myself to assist you in getting down their story. If your gandparents have passed away, even if it happened decades ago, take out those old photos or other records of their lives. Comb your memory banks about what they said or did that left an impression on you. Write it down. Savor it. Share it, as you choose, in the book that tells your own life story.

Find your own way to bring your grandparents into the larger world for others in small or larger circles to fully appreciate them. Like the OGs, your grandmother and grandfather were Original Grandparents, too. It’s up to you to show us how.

Kevin Quirk, Life Is a Book