Monthly Archives: December 2010

Will the Stories of Christmases Past Visit You This Year?

For most of us, being in the middle of the Christmas season of today has a way of also triggering memories of Christmas of yesterday. If those stories of Christmases past are swirling around in your mind, invite them out for a visit. They can point you toward many enlivening accounts that can become a vital part of writing your life story.

The invitation can be as simple as paying attention to the stories about Christmas that you and other loved ones may feel drawn to recounting while you are gathered this weekend. Take some notes about what was shared.

You also can encourage Christmas memories to come forward with directed Story Sparks. Here are some you might try:

“The Christmas present that meant the most to me as a child was…”

“In choosing what to give or make for my parents on Christmas I would often…”

“What I wish were still true about Christmas today is…”

“What Christmas meant to me when I was 7 was…”

“One Christmas celebration that really moved me was…”

“When I was young I’d start really thinking about Christmas by about…”

I’m sure you can think of several other launching points to tell those stories of Christmas past. Invite them all at once, as Scrooge requested of his three Christmas spirits, or space them carefully around your Christmas time this year. Enjoy their merriment and their messages. And see where they take you.

– Kevin Quirk, Founder of Life Is a Book, Member of the Association of Personal Historians, and author of the new book “Your Life Is a Book – And It’s Time to Write It: An A-to-Z Guide to Help Anyone Write Their Life Story”