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Having a Cause or Mission Can Fuel Your Memoir

There are many good reasons to write a memoir or autobiography, and as a ghostwriter and book coach of personal life stories I consistently hear those diverse motivations for going public with something that happened. One common driving force is the desire to support an important mission or cause.

Kim Moretto Niemeier believes that World War II stories still need to be told, and that it’s now up to the children of those who served to bring those stories to light. Her father, Fred Moretto, was a fighter pilot whose Thunderbolt was shot down over France six days after D-Day. Simple farmers and villagers who supported the French resistance risked their own lives to hide Fred from the Germans for more than two months, before the Allies liberated the country. Fred never forgot their heroism, and almost 50 years later, urged on by his daughter Kim, he returned to France and reunited with those who saved him . Kim was right there, tears in her eyes, to see the joyful and poignant reunion, and it inspired her to dig deeper into what happened to her dad. That quest continued even after his passing and resulted in her book, “In the Hands of Strangers: A World War II Story of Courage, Heroism and and Enduring Friendship”:

Do you have a mission or cause to support in a memoir or autobiography that you need to write?

– Kevin Quirk, Memoir Ghostwriter at Life Is a Book