Readers Embrace Autobiographies That Capture How We Overcome Life’s Challenges

In my work as an autobiography ghostwriter and in my own reading, I’ve always loved books that tell a powerful story of how someone rose above some kind of challenge, loss or hardship in life. Those books can lift our spirits and remind us that no matter what struggles we may be wrestling with, there is hope. More than that, there are examples of those who have persevered and rose above what was holding them down.

I recently worked with someone who embodied this ability to overcome. Major General Alfred Flowers grew up in a family of sharecroppers, raised by his grandparents in rural eastern North Carolina. He lived in what many would call a shack, with a tin roof that allowed the rain to drip down on his head while he tried to sleep in bed. He was educated in segregated schools and could clearly see that most of the boys and girls around him seemed resigned to a life with little or no chance for success.

So he joined the Air Force, earned the trust and admiration of his superiors, and conquered long odds to become an officer long after the usual time frame. Eventually, he was promoted to Major General and managed the entire Air Force budget at the Pentagon. When he retired, he was honored as the longest-serving airman in U.S. Air Force history.

It was a pleasure and an honor to assist General Flowers in creating his inspirational autobiography, “Reflections of a Servant Leader: My Journey as the Longest Serving Airman in U.S. Air Force History.” I know that his story will encourage, support and inspire men and women of all ages and backgrounds.
– Kevin Quirk, memoir and autobiography ghostwriter.