Memoir or Autobiography Ghostwriter

If you want to write a book about your life but lack the time or experience to do it yourself, tell ME your life story and I will write it for you! As your autobiography or memoir ghostwriter, I will devise a plan for your book, conduct all the interviews with you and anyone else who will be a part of the story, write the entire book, and edit and revise it with your guidance. Then I’ll take the final steps to help you publish your autobiography or memoir.

I also can write the life story of you and your spouse, or your family, or your business, group or organization.  Perhaps you have a milestone anniversary to celebrate, or you are looking to write a tribute for a loved one who has passed away.

As a member of the the Association of Ghostwriters and the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), I have assisted hundreds of clients and students from California to Massachusetts, and in many other countries. From my home near Charlottesville, Virginia, I will travel to wherever you happen to be.

As a former journalist and former counselor, I always appreciate hearing stories that inform, touch, inspire, entertain, or just fill us with the richness of our everyday lives as we share everything from our childhood Sunday dinners and summer vacations to our proudest moments as adults. You simply sit back and share those details with me, as I “weave the quilt” of your autobiography.

I have been privileged to write many fascinating life stories. Recent projects include capturing the inspiring tale of how a young man grew up in a family of sharecroppers and went on to become an Air Force general. I helped tell the story of a young man whose dreams of playing pro football were shattered by a spinal cord injury. His positive attitude led to a new dream: standing up out of his wheelchair and walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day! I assisted the daughter of a former World War II fighter pilot who was shot down in France, kept alive by villagers who hid him from the Germans, and returned to thank those French villagers 50 years later. I helped tell the story of a lifelong educator who found his true passion in launching a Saturday School for needy students, and a mother’s courageous mission to inspire support and awareness to addicts and their families after losing her own daughter to addiction. I tracked a couple’s adventures in raising their children behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War during the father’s foreign service work, and I helped to write the dramatic and inspiring story of a woman who summoned the courage to live and love again after losing her family in a car accident.

Everyone has a compelling story to tell. As Natalie Goldberg, author of Old Friend from Far Away, notes, all our memories are both ordinary and extraordinary. So tell me about your memories. Let me write a memoir or autobiography that will breathe life into them and preserve them for generations. Contact me at any time for a free, initial 45-minute consultation.

Autobiography Book Coach

Maybe you want to write your life story yourself, but you’ve never done anything like this and you’re not sure how to get started or where to go next. I can serve as your personal Autobiography Book Coach to help you do it. I’ll provide the tools and resources to help you remember your stories and write them in a clear, personal way. I’ll look over your writing and offer suggestions on how to build on your strengths, and I’ll be cheering for you at every step until the book about your life is in your hands!

Maybe you’ve completed your book, but you don’t know a thing about how to publish it. The good news is that there are lots of choices, but navigating your way through them can be daunting. I’ll help you choose the best way for you to publish your memoir or autobiography.

Writing Your Life Story Classes

I devoted more than a dozen years to teaching Writing Your Life Story classes at OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) of UVA. I love watching students of all ages discover the rewards of combing their memories and shaping their stories. I’d be happy to discuss with you how to bring “Your Life Is a Book” classes, workshops, or seminars to your group or community.